About Us

Welcome to White Vintage. We are manufactures, suppliers and exporters of handicraft. We are situated in the heart of Mumbai, India and operate throughout the world. Our website includes a myriad of original handicrafts from India made by skilled artisans. Our expert craftsmen specialize in crafting supreme quality structures using wood, clay, paper, marble and metal.

The plethora of handicrafts we offer gives a touch of traditional beauty to your living or working space. Handicrafts are often gifted and our wide range will be sure to provide you with exactly what you were looking for. When you buy from White Vintage, you can be assured that you’re buying the item directly from its creator.


The way White Vintage works

  1. Sourced directly from Craftsman and Artisans
  2. Products Designed and made exclusively in India
  3. Team of experts and professional artisans curate the products.
  4. Efficient business network
  5. Quality assurance which leads to customer satisfaction.


Why Handicrafts

Handicrafts constitute an important segment of the decentralized/unorganized sector of our economy.  Originally, started as a part time activity in rural areas, it has now transformed into flourishing economic activity due to significant market demand over the years.  Handicrafts have big potential as they hold the key for sustaining not only the existing set of millions of artisans spread over length and breadth of the country, but also to increasingly large number of new entrants in the crafts activity. Presently, handicrafts are contributing substantially in employment generation, and export.

The sector, which is dispersed and unorganized, offers tremendous opportunities for sustainable employment, particularly in the rural areas.  However, they lack access to the much-needed capital as well as suffer from absence of any governmental support for their welfare and well-being.


Looking ahead

One of our goals at White Vintage is to encourage and educate young people to support Indian arts and crafts.

A way in which we see to do this is by setting aside a space within White Vintage as a craft gallery where we can hold talks, have karigars demonstrate their skills and help young designers to showcase their products.

With this we hope to spread awareness about the rich cultural heritage that exists in our country and make sure it fade away forgotten.